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    Welcome to Earth Rox!

    We're so happy to have you check out our site and become apart of our journey. Our mission is simple, to build a brand that gets people talking about what really matters, such as our environment, our wildlife and our home, Earth. Your contribution to our beautiful planet such as recycling, reducing waste and doing everything you can helps us live in a more sustainable world. We encourage our followers to use their social media platforms to use their voice, be more conscious about the effects we are having on our planet. Its up to us to stay informed. 

    In recent years climate change has become a major threat to our very existence as humans. We're at a point where we cannot wait until 2030. We must act now! Simple steps to take would be to drive eco-friendly cars, reduce the usage of petrol and diesel, turn to solar & wind power for electricity, steer away from petroleum based products (palm oil) and instead use organic Hemp products like our INNOVA CBD OIL. Conserving water, eliminating plastic water bottles & bags and paying more attention to waste in general can really make a big difference. With more droughts, flooding and wildfires happening not only do we suffer but our animals and environment suffers too.

    Which brings us to the Ivory & Rhino Horn trade. The poaching crises of elephants, rhinos, tigers & sharks is at an all time high. These beautiful creatures are facing extinction & it’s up to protect them. Earth Rox will be selling wildlife apparel to bring attention to these issues. This is an open platform so please share your stories with us on Instagram & Facebook and tell us what you do to make our world a better place. We must become more conscious of our home planet and how we treat it. Mother Nature has giving us an overflow of abundance to enjoy this beautiful life. It's time we gave back. We look forward to hearing from you & seeing you rock our brand on your travels across the globe! 

    Make sure you connect with us on Instagram & Facebook and remember above all, be kind to Earth. Why? Because EARTH ROX & so do you!   xoxo